Trade Show Accessories

trade show accessories
trade show accessories
trade show accessories
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Trade show accessories such as furniture, flooring and signage ensure your booth design looks cohesive and complete. In addition to aesthetics, trade show furniture rentals and other trade show accessories increase brand visibility, provide storage and seating and drive home your marketing messages. Let’s collaborate on something amazing!


trade show accessories

Looking to furnish a meeting area or create an exclusive-feeling VIP lounge? Chairs, stools, coffee and conference tables, sofas, modular furniture and storage solutions are available for your rental. Delight your guests, establish your booth as a “hot spot” and exude professionalism with Display Rental’s trade show furniture rentals. However, note that some selections and pricing vary by city and show.

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trade show accessories

Whether you want an organic, wood-looking flex floor or a raised flooring system, at Display Rental we believe that rental flooring should not look like it. Pull out your wish list and let’s have some fun creating a trade show selling environment that fits your style and functional needs. Floor finishes start with 10×10 and on. In addition, we can even create custom logo carpet or graphic printed floor if you decide to splurge and take it home. The best part? You don’t have to do the installation. Simply request a turnkey rental so you can relax and focus on what’s important: your show and customers.

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trade show accessories

Rental hanging signs range from 2-feet x 6-feet to 20-feet sizes in a variety of 3-D shapes including square, rectangular, circular, tapered, oval and more. We also have flat shapes like discs, ovals, ribbons, flat panels and fun angles. In addition, we offer hanging harnesses, rotating motors and lights. Please note that you will own your graphics. So, you have the option to rent the framework this time and purchase it the next time you need the sign.

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trade show accessories

Tablet and literature stand to provide the information your audience needs, manage traffic flow, and capture leads. Proudly display your brochures, digital content, and other promotional materials in enclosures, mounts, and floor stands.

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